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Our Services

How we can help you

Monthly business bookkeeping
Implementation and active management of cloud accounting software and services
Management reporting
Compilation of annual financial statements
Independent review of financial statements
Submission of tax returns (income tax, provisional tax, dividend tax, VAT and payroll tax)
Tax clearance certificates
SARS dispute resolutions (objections, appeals and VDP applications)
Strategic recommendations and advice

Why consider an outsourced accountant or financial manager?

  • Plan for the future

    Today your business may only be processing 10 transactions a month. Before you know it, your new venture is thriving and processing more than 100 transactions a month.

  • Concentrate on your business

    However, so many entrepreneurs and SMEs attempt to do things themselves using free accounting software and spreadsheets. By financial year-end, they find themselves with a host of tax and compliance challenges causing significant business interruption and cash-flow surprises.

  • We can support you

    What you need is a go-to accountant without having to pay a full-time salary. Early on your business journey, we can support you as an outsourced accountant. This will ensure that you are set up for success and scalability.

Other services that we offer:

Registration and compliance

  • Company registrations
  • CIPC maintenance and compliance
  • TAX registrations (income tax, VAT, PAYE)


  • Monthly PAYE, SDL and UIF return to SARS
  • EMP 501 reconciliation
  • Monthly UI19 declaration to the Department of Labour
  • Annual return to the compensation commissioner
  • Annual IRP5’s to employees

Our low-cost approach is supported by cloud accounting technology

MyGoTo Accountant makes use of industry-leading cloud accounting software and services to support our clients.

  • Traditional accounting software is both expensive and time consuming
  • Older systems are often confined to a single computer, requiring back-ups and insecure data transport
  • Accounts and critical data such as cash-flow reports are unavailable to business owners in real time
  • Manually capturing invoices and transactions is an expensive process for you to be spending time on (instead of growing your business)

A cloud-based approach automates many recurring tasks, improves accuracy and reduces redundancy – offering you a real-time and precise reflection of your business activities. Low monthly subscription fees, automation and an integration with your bank account means we can offer you all the value of the traditional accountant without the traditional full-time salary.

Whether you have an established business or are just starting up, we can tailor a package to suit your exact needs and budget.


About us

With the advancement of cloud computing and technology in general, we saw a wonderful opportunity to assist businesses with their accounting. In 2019, MyGoTo Accountant was started by Trinette van Straaten who has an Honours Degree in Financial Accounting and is a registered Professional Accountant (S.A.) and Tax Practitioner.

We are situated in Somerset West and can commute to meet you wherever suitable. Once we are up and running, most of the work will be done remotely. After all, that is the kind of business we will be setting up for you.

We have the capability to take on both large and smaller customers and after a brief conversation, we can tailor a package exactly to your needs and to fit your budget.

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